The SoundMAGIC E10C is the successor to the popular E10S line. The new E10C retains the previous generation’s sound signature, powerful bass balanced with superb musical detail. It is constructed with two-tone metal ear piece bodies and low profile metal hardware, with a modern design and finish for a premium appearance. The tangle-free cable and included wire clip ensures that the E10C are easy to wear and use. The E10C also provides an inline microphone and remote control with universal smartphone support. Volume control is now available on the E10C‘s inline remote for added convenience.

The E10 not only looks more expensive than it costs, it also sounds that way. Reviewers are impressed by its dynamic and powerful sound, a perfect match with the energetic nature of today’s popular music. Especially notable is its enhanced bass output, which extends deep with enhanced punch and impact. Even with a “fun sound”, the E10 does not disappoint in terms of clarity and sound stage, rendering the music in a realistic manner.soundmagic_e10c_07

The E10C is available in three colors of Gunmetal, Red, and Gold. A compact travel case is included for convenience to hold the earphone plus accessories.

That homogeneity may not be what you’d expect of a successor, but we’ve been here before, the Japanese company is not averse to making purely functional improvements for its upgraded models.

There’s clearly no dust settling on the SoundMAGIC E10C engineer’s motivation, because once again they’ve managed to squeeze even more into a £40 in-ear headphone.

The E10C model features a three-button remote that automatically switches the poles on the jack for compatibility with iOS and Android. And it works.

Soundmagic’s E10s in some form or another have been our go-to budget headphones, and although sound quality hasn’t taken a leap forward this time, it’s still remarkable that Soundmagic finds ways to implement improvements without bumping up the price.

Here You can find a Video Review for this product

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