Fidue A65

The Fidue A65 are reasonably affordable in-ear headphones. Look really close and you can see little signs these aren’t ultra-premium earphones, but the general impression is of a set that can take punishment without suffering.

The aluminium can hack being stood on, although the copper part’s shiny finish will start scraping off if it gets grazed.

The Fidue A65 have a non-removable cable, so don’t be too mean to them. And, out to work with as many sources as possible, they use a single-button remote rather than the triple-button type generally designed to work with iOS.
The only issue I have is that The Fidue A65 seem a little prone to becoming blocked by moisture, if you wear them soon after having a shower or in the gym. It seems to be to do with the filter style, or potentially the ‘micro’ driver (anecdotally I’ve had the same issue more with tiny-driver sets like this).

In the box you get four sets of silicone tips, including one dual-flanged pair and a basic carry case: nothing too special.

Other than the interesting look, one thing that drew me to The Fidue A65 was their use of 8mm ‘titanium’ drivers. Contrary to what you might assume, smaller drivers like this often sound better than those that try to spread out towards 11mm, or even further.

When earphones aren’t out to impress with big-sounding drivers, it often also comes with better tuning.

Here is Video Review for this The Fidue A65

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