The KEF MUO fills any room with crystalline sound thanks to our legendary Uni-Q “point source” driver array and a powerful new bass radiator. The array, a KEF MUO invention exclusive to our speakers, was designed to make you feel like you’re sitting front and center at your favorite artist’s show. Combine that with the MUO‘s punchy new bass radiator and you’ll have a hard time believing such an in-depth sound is coming out of such a small speaker.

Just link your device up via Bluetooth to your MUO, or plug in with the speaker’s 1/8″ input, and you’re all set to experience six-figure sound from a speaker smaller than your forearm. Should you need to double down on sound, the KEF MUO can be wirelessly linked with another MUO to deliver remarkably detailed stereo sound. Single or acting as a pair, the MUO adapts to your preferences and ensures the best listening experience possible. Whether you’ve got your MUO standing up or laying on its side, the speaker will automatically optimize its output to properly suit its position. If you’re not looking to wirelessly stream music through your MUO, plug your devices or laptops into your MUO via its 1/8″ input. Wired or wirelessly, you’ll be able to enjoy gorgeously detailed audio with your MUO for up to 12 hours without having to charge it.

The KEF MUO is a high-end Bluetooth speaker of tiny proportions. It’s dinky enough to slip into a handbag, or a small pocket inside a rucksack. But at $299.99 , the price is anything but small.

For those raising an eyebrow, I’m not surprised – for this money you could easily get your hands on a seriously good wireless home-bound speaker.

The KEF MUO has been designed by the same people behind some of the company’s top-end speakers.

The KEF MUO is home to the same-sized drivers as the significantly larger B&W T7 – which are 50mm a piece.

And it is these drivers that are the most interesting feature in the KEF MUO. The UniQ drivers are of the same family as you’ll find in the company’s bookshelf and larger model of speakers.

Their design is similar, not the same.The drivers here pack mid and treble driver sections into the same unit – which is clever. Hi-fi enthusiasts reading this may have come across a similar idea in dual-concentric drivers.

The KEF MUO is capable of playing at loud volumes too, making the Bose SoundLink Mini II seem quite tame in comparison. It isn’t only the detail that’s notable, but how pronounced the Muo’s mids are. It projects vocals powerfully, with great dynamics for such a small unit.

Most recently I heard the Beats Pill try for a similarly bold style of presentation, but where that speaker ends up sounding a little crude and “basic” when pushed, the Muo can crank up the volume to uncomfortable levels without sounding like its drivers are trying to pop out of its frame.

Looking and listening a little closer, the sort of tricks KEF has needed to use to pull this off become clear. Where most small speakers split the frequency duties between a pair of small drivers as one team and the radiator as another, The KEF MUO breaks things down further.

Here is photo gallery for KEF MUO

Here You can find a Video Review of KEF MUO

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