Best seller, Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete

There are lots of reasons this drum set has been Best seller the for years! The Gammon Battle Series is the perfect entry level drum set at the lowest price ever for a complete, adult/full size drum set complete with all cymbals, stands, hardware, stool heads and sticks! This Brand New Full-Size Drum Set has everything you need to start playing right away: Look at these Amazing features: 22″x 14″ 12 Lug Bass Drum – 5 1/2″ x 14 Wood Snare drum – 12″x 10″ and 13″x 10 Mounted Toms Adjustable Tilt Memory Locks – 16″x 16″ Floor tom – 2-12″ Hi-Hat Cymbals 1-14″ Crash/Ride Cymbal – Snare Stand – Hi-Hat Stand Cymbal Stand – Chain Driven Bass drum pedal – Drummer’s Throne Included!

Pair drum sticks – Drummers Key – HIGH GLOSS BLACK Finish Why Pay More? This set has it all! We also include a free drum instruction DVD to help you get started! About Gammon Percussion: Gammon is the music industry leader in quality, award-winning affordable drums and percussion.

Absolutely Everything You Need to Play Is Included!

Look no further – this complete full size adult set includes all 5 drums (bass drum, snare drum, floor tom and two mounted toms), cymbals, stands, stool, sticks, hardware, pedals and drum key!

Everything you need to get started is included – there is nothing else you need to purchase to get started drumming right away!

Gammon Percussion – Dedicated To Drummers!

Gammon Percussion has a passion for all things percussion and helping musicians of any age experience the enjoyment and fulfillment of playing music! Because we are a real full-line drum company, we offer full product support, replacement parts and add-ons.

We are proud to put our name on every drum we make and Gammon is also proud to support local school music programs. We offer full product support for all of our drum products!

There’s never been a better time to get you or someone you know started playing the drums!

Here You can find  a video Review of this Gammon Percussion:


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