Zipbuds SLIDE Sport Earbuds

Zipbuds SLIDE was engineered to be the most complete wired Sport Earbud on the market. We pushed the limits in every aspect of the ‘traditional workout earbud’ to ensure we built an earphone specifically designed to help you turn your tunes into pure adrenaline. **SOUND** It all starts here! We used premium 11mm finely tuned drivers to provide powerful bass while maintaining dynamic clarity at any volume. Great sound is a difference maker. It distracts from feeling pain and fatigue, it elevates mood, and increases endurance; we spared no expense. Experience SLIDE’s Performance Enhancing Sound now! **DURABILITY** We sourced materials from around the world to make SLIDE the most durable earbud possible.

We use military grade bulletproof fibers and high-impact dual-composite rubber to ensure that SLIDE will perform under pressure. Everybody claims their earbuds are durable – WE GUARANTEE OURS FOR LIFE! **TANGLE-FREE** At Zipbuds, being tangle-free is in our DNA. We changed the game with our zipper cables, and with SLIDE we’ve taken tangle-free to the next level. Our next-generation Zipperless Zipper cabling allows you to smoothly seal your earbud cables together, creating the lightest tangle-free earphones ever made. **FUNCTIONALITY** A secure fit that actually feels good! Our exclusive Dual-Composite silicone ear tips combine with our Sport Fit Mold to create the optimal combination of comfort and stability. SLIDE will feel good and stay in place through your most intense workout. Additionally SLIDE features a specially designed Sweat-Resistant & Noise-Filtering Microphone that eliminates unwanted noise.

At Zipbuds, our mission is to produce the best earphones ever made. For us, this means developing earphones that have unmatched sound quality, are made from the finest components on earth, and are built to withstand the punishment of an active lifestyle. We believe that being the best means never compromising quality for cost.

Zipbuds SLIDE Sport Earbuds worked with the world’s best acoustic engineers to create a listening experience that is dynamic, powerful, and alive. This is how your music is supposed to sound!

Slide Sport’s acoustic chamber was shaped to elevate the bass without sacrificing clarity. Experience your music with zero distortion at any volume.

Zipperless Zipper Technology allows you to smoothly seal your earbud cables together, creating the lightest tangle-free earphones ever made. Our cables have never tangled – and they never will.

Ridge and Groove Cable Design: The left cable is molded with a groove while the right is molded with a ridge. These molded cables seal and lock together seamlessly to create the perfect tangle-free earphone.



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