Rode M1

The RODE M1 is, in a word, underrated… and not just a little bit either. What does the “standard” stage mic use? A regular magnet. The RODE M1 features a high-quality neodymium capsule that captures the upper midrange (when the vocals live) better than that “standard” piece of junk. How about frequency range? You’ve got to admit that 75Hz-18kHz isn’t shabby by any means, and an internal pop filter on top of a shock absorbing, low handling noise design sure doesn’t suck.

And can you put a nail in a board with a RODE M1? Sure you can… but you’d be better off using it as a vocal mic just the same.

The Rode M1‘s ergonomically designed all-metal body is engineered for maximum comfort when used as a handheld microphone. It feels robust, solid and perfectly balanced without being heavy, and handling noise is almost completely eliminated by the microphone’s internal design.

Featuring a warm response that is incredibly defined for a dynamic microphone, The Rode M1‘s smooth character and defined clarity offer incredible performance as a live vocal microphone. A tightly controlled cardioid polar pattern minimises spill and feedback.

Renowned as one of the industry’s best live vocal microphones, The Rode M1 is an equally strong performer on guitar amplifiers as well as kick drum, snare drum, toms and percussion.

Review of The Rode M1

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