Fascinating Facts About Famous Musicians

Fascinating Facts About Famous Musicians is a gold mine of information sure to satisfy any music lover or trivia junkie. It’s perfect for anyone who loves behind-the-music stories and has an appreciation for the interesting ironies, lucky accidents and twists of fate that led to the music we’ve listened to for a lifetime. Fascinating Facts About Famous Musicians contains over 200 facts, which range in genre from rock and roll to classical music.

Here’s just some of the music history you’ll discover inside:

  • Why Frank Sinatra didn’t like to be photographed on his left side.
  • Which rock star almost took the Brad Pitt role in the movie Thelma & Louise.
  • Which movie inspired future singer-songwriter John Mayer to start playing guitar.
  • What song title the rock band Aerosmith got from the movie Young Frankenstein.
  • Which Los Angeles hamburger joint Stevie Nicks worked at to pay the bills.
  • Why B.B. King has named every guitar he has owned since 1949 Lucille.
  • How Neil Diamond lied about the inspiration for one of his biggest hits.
  • The truth about Rod Stewart’s days as a gravedigger.
  • And much, much more.

About the Author:

Mark J. Asher is the author of several dog books, including Humphrey Was Here, a memoir on pet loss, and Old Friends, which features portraits of senior dogs. Mark’s most recent release, All That Ails You, is his first work of fiction. Told from the point of view of a house dog, who lives at an assisted living facility for seniors, it has quickly become his best-selling book.



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