Noontec Hammo S

The Hammo S is a set of highly balanced and specialized music headphones. It’s specially tailored for customers who have a good understanding of music and know what they want in their search for pure and high quality audio. The Hammo S features Noontec‘s high-end SCCB acoustic technology and top-class Votrik HD500 50mm drivers. It delivers very balanced, rich and high definition sound that beats many others on the market. What’s more, The Hammo S comes at an attractive price that is unmatched.

The Hammo S is extremely lightweight, weighing only 240 grams. The ear cushions are hand-made of cotton protein which is very soft, comfortable, and excellent for noise isolation. The Hammo S headset is well designed by ergonomics specialists to achieve an optimal balance between comfort and performance, ensuring that you can wear it comfortably for a long time.

The Hammo S has adopted the popular foldable design of previous Hammo models, which effectively reduces the volume of The Hammo S by half. Once folded, it will fit easily into your luggage or everyday bag. The Hammo S also comes with a cool hard carry case, which is not only for your convenience in storing your headphones, but also for the protection of the headphones.

Here is Review of The Noontec Hammo S Over Ear Headphones

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