Reloop RHP-20 Premium DJ Headphones

  Reloop RHP-20 Premium DJ Headphones Reloop RHP-20 Premium DJ Headphones introduces premium DJ headphones with scene stealing, state-of-the-art aesthetics and elite sound design that is acoustically balanced for professional use. Engineered with exceptionally high audio output for a club setting and clear frequency separation with the ideal balance of , highs and bass, Reloop RHP-20 Premium DJ Headphones are perfect for the DJ booth or the studio.

Equipped with a rotating ear cup for on-shoulder/single-ear monitoring, the Reloop RHP-20 is rugged and ready for continuous operation in even the most challenging environment with a sturdy hinge and folding mechanism made of high-quality aluminum and a hard rubber head band that withstands wear and tear. The design is lightweight, and the ear cups are carefully crafted to surround the ears in comfort with memory foam padding covered in fine protein leather, so there is no pinching or fatigue… even on a long night. A trendsetter with pristine audio quality and robust construction, The Reloop RHP-20 Premium DJ Headphones sets a new standard for the professional DJ headphones.

Some facts about this Reloop RHP-20 Premium DJ Headphones

1. Sound quality is great. All the highs mids and lows are very good. i tried them with a variety of different music and they performed well on anything from classical to hip hop. Although, in my opinion the bass and the highs just barely fell short of greatness.

2. Very comfortable. they have very good padding on the ear cups and head band making them very comfortable to wear. they felt nice and light to me and i have worn them for 5 hour sessions without a problem.

3. The mini XLR cable was a very nice touch to the headphones. Sometimes on other headphones i woould accidently pull out the cable with my arm, but with the XLR locking mechanism i dont have to worry about that.

This is Review for this Reloop RHP-20 Premium DJ Headphones


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