Numark Electrowave Premium Isolating Headphones

Numark Electrowave Premium Isolating HeadphonesNumark Electrowave Premium Isolating Headphones is agreat headphones for this prize. They are a great value. These are BIG over the ears type headphones, meaning they encompass/cover your ears whereby minimizing the enviromental noise. The muffs are made of very soft felt and are very comfortable; as my daughter stated “It’s like a pillow for your ears.”

The headband is also soft and well padded. I wore these for over an hour and they remained comfortable. Also very sturdy and well built; made to take a beating. I lightly stretched them out and twisted it a few times and they returned to its shape. The 3.5mm cord on the headphone end has a notch on it to lock it in place with a simple 15 degree turn. The other end of the 3.5mm cord has threads for a 1/4″ adapter to screw on securely. These came with 2 cords- a long straight cord about 9 feet in length and the other is a curly cord that can stretch out to 9 feet if need be. The sounds produced from the cans are amazing. Cranked up, the lows remained undistorted and the highs and mids still crisp and clear. There is no overpowering in the low frequency. Numark Electrowave Premium Isolating Headphones has really tuned these cans well. I even connected it to a headphone amplifier unneccesarily and it still produced great acoustics. Again, a great value and well worth the money. Now, lets talk about the looks and styling of these cans which may decide on your purchase. It’s like a future-retro type of look. It has a very wide headband design (from left to right) so when worn full on the head and on both ears you look like someone from the seventies just stepped out of a time capsule; the only thing missing are roller skates. I think it’s designed that way so that the cans sit well on the ears comfortably.

Here is Review for this Numark Electrowave Premium Isolating Headphones

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